• This simple and easy to use checklist ensures you stay in compliance with State Regulations regarding what constitutes a complete admission packet and also provides direction for completing the full admission process.
  • This Clinical review allows for appropriate monitoring for medical necessity of your residents admitted to Behavioral Health and Substance Use residential facilities. This Clinical Review allows for 30, 60, or 90 day increments based on the treatment plan and needs of the resident.

  • This discharge/transfer checklist can be used for both compliant and no-compliant discharges or lateral transfers within levels of care. This allows BHPs to quickly and easily organize all required information into one convenient location.

  • This group note can be edited to meet the unique needs of your business without having to start to from scratch and also provides all the items necessary to document to a comprehensive group note to ensure timely payment from your payer source.

  • This progress note is ideal for small businesses looking to determine appropriate formatting and required items. Fully customizable including the ability to add your own logo once purchased!

  • We have all seen very elaborate treatment plans. This is a basic treatment plan specifically designed for behavioral health residential settings, but can be customized to meet the needs of other facilities within the vast arena of Healthcare.

  • This Mental Status Exam is a great buy in conjunction with the General Admission Checklist, General BHP Clinical Review, and General Discharge/Transfer Checklist as these are critical times to determine the resident, client, or patient’s state to determine most appropriate level of care.


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